Alghero,  Sardinia

20th - 29th June 2015

It is on line the 2015 program

See also the map to reach the conference venue in Piazza S. Croce - Alghero.

The venue of the workshop will move for two days on 25th and 26th. Soon here the map of the temporary venue.

Download the 2014 edition program

Daily activities are as follows. There will be four seminars in the morning and independent work in the afternoon, with the possibility of organizing less formal afternoon seminars.

Topics include:

Banking and Capital markets (20th-21st June)

  1. Financial intermediation; Capital markets; Credit markets; Financial stability

Macroeconomics (22nd-23rd June)

  1. Macroeconomics of structural change and heterogenous agents; Monetary and fiscal policy

Applied Theory (24th-25th June)

  1. Networks, Peer effects, Social interaction

Political Economy (26th-27th June)

  1. Populism: why and when populism  enters party competition and when and why it triumphs; Extremism: why and when  is it chosen, in democratic as well as non democratic contexts and contests;

  2. Divisive politics, and the political economy of bureaucracy.  

Law and Economics (28th-29th June)

  1. Crime; Litigation; Kidnapping; Arbitration; Terrorism

Papers on other topics in Banking, Macroeconomics, Applied Theory, Political economy and Law and Economics will also be considered.

The idea of the event is to give participants the opportunity of present their work in progress, interact, and collaborate to pursue their ongoing research.