All activities, including welcome reception, scientific sessions, coffee breaks and lunches, will take place in Cargèse, Corsica - France, at the Scientific Research Institute of Cargese (Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, IESC)


Cargèse, Corsica - France

May 2020


See the detailed call for papers here

Urban and regional economics and policy  (25th-26th May)


Bianca Biagi, University of Sassari, CRENoS & GSSI

Claudio Detotto, University of Corsica & CRENoS

Dominique Prunetti, University of Corsica 

Keynote speaker

Riccardo Crescenzi, London School of Economics

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics

The goal of this session is to explore the complexities of urban and regional economics. Papers covering different topics on urban and regional economics from a theoretical, empirical and/or policy-oriented perspectives are welcome. The workshop is open to contributions on social, cultural, economic, environmental and sustainability including topics such as quality of life, happiness and life satisfaction. The organisers invite academic researchers, scholars and policy makers to contribute to scientific, technical and/or managerial papers that explore this topic in both developing and developed economies, islands, cities, metropolitan areas, towns and villages. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcomed.

Empirical legal studies (27th May) 


Claudio Detotto, University of Corsica & CRENoS

Riccardo Marselli, Parthenope University of Naples

Marco Vannini, University of Sassari & CRENoS

Keynote speaker

Winand Emons, University of Bern

This session will bring together researchers working in the broad field of civil justice, criminal justice, corporate law and so on with an emphasis on dispute resolution both inside and outside the courtroom from an empirical legal studies perspective. Both experimental and non-experimental data analysis are welcome. The purpose of the session is to provide a platform for cutting-edge research that would enrich, refine, and challenge our understanding of justice, courts' functioning and available means of settling disputes.

Sports for economics and economics for sports (28th-29th May)


Juan de Dios Tena Horrillo, University of Sassari & University of Liverpool

Steven Caudill, Florida Atlantic University

Keynote speaker

David Forrest, University of Liverpool

Sport proves to be a great laboratory for testing relevant hypothesis in economics. This workshop is open to sports economics contributions of interest either to understand different aspects of sports business or to test general ideas in economics. We welcome contributions in a broad range of sports related topics such as sports demand, impact of managerial decisions on sports team performance, referee bias and using economics and social variables to forecast sports outcomes.